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About Burofocus

Burofocus, a multidisciplinary bureau, takes an integrated approach to the subject matters in its spheres of expertise. Where appropriate, not only the legal aspects of an issue is considered, but also social, cultural, psychological, emotional and other aspect.

Meet Dr. Nilda Arduin

Dr. R.J.A. (Nilda) Arduin is a versatile professional whose experience and knowledge span several areas with specific focus on law, community advancement via laws and regulations made understandable and accessible, institutionally strengthening, and group training.


Get access to the full series on "Nation Building" and "50 Year Statuut" by Dr. Nilda Arduin as we all as other inspiring topics.

Ways you can benefit

Legal consultant for those with political and public service aspirations.

Public speaking for groups, public sector and private organizations.

Mentoring to foster personal and professional development for individuals and professionals.