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Burofocus, a multidisciplinary bureau, takes an integrated approach to the subject matters in its spheres of expertise. Where appropriate, not only the legal aspects of an issue is considered, but also social, cultural, psychological, emotional and other aspect and consequences of the issue at hand. With the retirement of its Founder, Dr. R.J.A. (Nilda) Arduin, the bureau’s activities are limited to Legal Advice and Legal Opinions on Constitutional matters and Real Estate Timesharing, as well as Training, Lectures and Workshops in the areas of expertise and vast experience of Dr. Arduin.

Dr. Arduin was born on Curaçao and lives on Sint Maarten since 1982. She studied law as her third profession, and started a career in law in 1988. In 1993 she obtained her PhD in law at the ‘Vrije Universiteit’ in The Netherlands, defending her thesis on International real estate Timesharing. As a lawyer and consultant she advised governments and the private sector nationally and internationally in various areas of law.

After constitutional reform within the Dutch Kingdom in October 2010, Dr. Arduin became the first Ombudsman of Sint Maarten. Charged to protect the rights of the people and be the guardian of the Constitution, a unique competence within the Dutch territories, she had the authority to present newly ratified laws and regulations to the Constitutional Court for review and cancellation, if deemed incompatible with the Constitution of the country.

Outstanding in her career as the first Ombudsman of Sint Maarten is the achievement to have a National Ordinance for the implementation of an Integrity Chamber squashed by the Constitutional Court in 2016 for lack of adequate legal protection of the rights of those investigated, as well as third parties compelled to cooperate with such investigations. Various basic human rights were considered ill protected as argued by Dr.Arduin, while the highest advisory body of the country, the Council of Advice, was not properly consulted in the process.

During her tenure as Ombudsman Dr. Arduin has served as President of the Caribbean Ombudsman Association (CAROA), as well as Board Member and Regional President for the Latin America and Caribbean Region of the International Ombudsman Institute (IOI).

Upon her request Dr. Arduin has been honorably discharged as Ombudsman by the Parliament of Sint Maarten effective 31 December 2018, to start a well-deserved retirement in the new year. In January 2019 Dr. Arduin was decorated as ‘Officier in de Orde van Oranje Nassau’ by the Governor of Sint Maarten on behalf of the King of the Netherlands. In March 2020 she received the Qualichi Award International Women's Day, Our National Icon, awarded by Governments of Sint Maarten / Saint Martin.