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Building a nation - Introduction

Dr. Nilda Arduin, 1999

In the midst of global instability, wars and rumors of wars internationally, aggression and crime, declining economies and budgetary deficits, the people of Sint Maarten are faced (once more) with the awesome responsibility to make a choice pertaining to our constitutional future; a basic right, a sacred right of the people of all nations.

The people, a right, a responsibility, a nation, terms which in my opinion are crucial and need serious attention as we go to the polls to make a choice pertaining to our collective destiny. Who are the people that can execute the pertinent right? Which are the responsibilities that need consideration when executing said right? What are our goals, our objectives and perspectives for the (new) nation?

These are some of the many questions that need serious discussion and deliberation. With rapid changes unfolding in the world leading up to a new millennium, we have to deal with challenges posed by modern science and technology, and live with a multi cultural society. Issues which cannot be ignored as we are considering how we envisage our future as an island nation (to be).

Considering however that billions of individual cells make up our body, each working hard and contributing to the harmonious functioning of our body, the challenge lies with each one of us, each individual who made Sint Maarten their home. The future, our destiny as a people, lies in the hands of each one of us; individually and collectively. Each one of us has the responsibility to contribute in building our island nation!

As a people on its way to become a (new) nation, we have to consciously reflect on our heritage: our legacy from the past, what we live with today, and what we will pass on to future generations.

With elections now gone and done, I call on my fellow Sint Maarteners, Sint Maarteners by birth and Sint Maarteners by choice, for us to individually and collectively prepare our future by improving on the knowledge of our Sint Maarten history, foster cooperation among each other, and focus on inter-cultural learning, while I ask the indigenous people of Sint Maarten to take the lead. Our cultural and national heritages are our points of reference, our identity as a nation, irreplaceable sources of life and inspiration.

It is imperative that we start now with our process of nation building, for only we can build that future nation. Building a nation is not just socially right; it is more a matter of strategy and economic survival. I am prepared and willing to contribute in building our nation. Are you? I join in congratulating Global Contact Corp. and drs. Linda Richardson for organizing the First Annual Small Business Convention last weekend on Sint Maarten. That is an outstanding example of building a nation. It was a great success.