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A Call to Action 2022!

--Dr. Nilda Arduin, 2022 Newspaper Image

In retirement Dr. Arduin reflected on forty-five years of engagement with societies as a teacher, lawyer, TV host, the first Ombudsman of Sint Maarten, mentor, motivator and more, and felt compelled to issue a CALL TO ACTION for 2022. First to all who aspire to assume a leading role in public office, and secondly to young entrepreneurs and the community of Sint Maarten at large. A call to be curious and seek KNOWLEDGE to empower oneself.

Knowledge is power, gives confidence and peace of mind. Knowledge straightens the spine, lifts up the chin and empowers ones’ steps. Knowledge, formally acquired through the educational system, or informally learned through modern technology, is not a luxury but a must in today’s world.

Dr. Arduin issued a call to all political parties intending to contest the next Parliamentary elections on Sint Maarten, to recruit prospective candidates early. These candidates and any person desirous to hold a public function should in her opinion be trained and prepared to assume the job ahead of time. With the speed that the world is moving and changing, today’s leaders are required to be equipped with the knowledge to organize, legislate and manage the country. As such she avails herself to any group of persons seriously willing to learn more about matters of good governance, the Kingdom Charter and the Constitution of Sint

Though the Covid pandemic over-exposed the fragility of many communities, individual creativity exploded and encouraged entrepreneurships. Dr. Arduin noted that the next important step for new entrepreneurs is however, getting equipped to deliver quality service and goods. A good idea alone does not guarantee business success. A formal certificate might not be required, proper knowledge of the products and or services offered is however a must. Knowledge is available today at the fingertip via the internet.

Finally a call is issued to fellow retirees, to make an effort staying up to date with the digital world. Retirees should not become living dinosaurs. And so her CALL TO ACTION to all people is to be curious, collectively and individually, making KNOWLEDGE the target for 2022 and beyond.